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Initial enquiry, first stage of borehole drilling process

This is carried out by one of our experienced engineers who will assess the site for a suitable location (we can arrange weekend visits if required).


The proposed location must be sited away from any potential pollution e.g. septic tanks, open drain, farm yard run off. It is advised to site the borehole uphill from any possible contaminated sources.


The site visit will also establish what your water requirements are, examine the existing water system (if applicable) and check the suitability of the electrical supply.  We can also arrange weekend visits.

We have experienced trained staff who will explain the process involved in the construction of a borehole and associated works. We can offer you an all in price for the drilling and construction of a borehole.


We are different to all other borehole drilling companies in that the price quoted for the drilling is the final price. We do not charge per linear metre for the drilling hence you know what the price is before works commence.


We endeavour to reply to all borehole enquires within 24 hours (except weekends). We can email quotes if required.

Borehole Drilling Process

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Stage 2

The drilling rig is set up on site. The borehole construction starts with the installation of the steel casing, followed by more drilling until a water supply has been found.  The borehole is then lined with WRAS approved liner. A chamber is constructed on top of the borehole to protect the borehole (standing approximately 150mm above ground level and has a 17 ton manhole lid).

Stage 1

Initial enquiry:

Site visit:

Stage 3


Stage 4

Pump Installation:

The engineer will install a suitable pump depending on the depth of the borehole and flow rates obtained. A larger pump can be installed if the water quantity is available to suit a customer’s specifications. The water pumps installed are from leading reputable companies e.g. Grundfos.


The pump installation is carried out by our qualified electrician (17th edition) who is also Part P registered. (NICEIC)

Stage 5

Controls Systems and Services:

The borehole requires a power supply. The electric cable along with the water pipe needs to be installed in a trench. We can carry out these works or they can be done by others.


The control system for the borehole is the final stage of the borehole installation. This can either be a pressure system or a storage tank with a float switch. We can connect to your existing system if applicable.

Drilling, third stage of borehole drilling process

Stage 6

Water Treatment


You are advised to have the water tested. We can provide/install water treatment e.g Ultra violet treatment systems (to kill the bacteria) if required.


These treatments need to be located in a frost free environment.

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