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Water Treatment

Although we cannot guarantee the quality of the ground water obtained, we can by evaluating make solid recommendations to our clients.


Powys Drilling Services Ltd take pride in finding economical and efficient solutions.


The most common treatment solutions installed are listed below:




We can offer an extensive range of economically priced, high quality, single cartridge filter housings for a wide range of use. These come complete with the brackets etc. A range of filters can then be used in these housing units from general sediment to carbon filters.




These destroy 99% of harmful bacteria without the need to add chemicals.


Common sizes and prices.

6 gallon / 24 litre / minute (2 bedroom house) - £250

8 gallons/30 litres per minute  (3-4 bedroom house) - £275


*Pre-filer is also required with the Ultra Violet Systems.




Filox units are  for the removal of iron and manganese. Various sizes are available depending on property size/amount of iron and manganese to remove.


Prices from £396 (10x44)

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Ultra Violet Systems

Iron & Manganese Reduction